Pediatric dentistry

Preventive Care
Keeping your kids’ teeth strong and healthy is as important to us as it is to you. With that in mind, we promote prevention—both at home and in our office—as a priority! We do our best to prevent cavities and strengthen young teeth to set the stage for lifelong healthy smiles.We will teach your children effective brushing and flossing and, when necessary, recommend preventive treatments, such as fluoride and dental sealants. Healthy Choices for Healthy Smiles
Everyone knows sugar tastes great, but it can do a number on our teeth… especially young teeth. There are several healthy alternatives to sugary snacks and beverages. Consider giving your kids milk or water instead of sodas and juice boxes (even chocolate milk is a better alternative). Avoiding sticky foods and sugary gum is the name of the game in preventing cavities. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, boiled eggs, crackers, pretzels, and popcorn can offer significant health benefits for children's growing bodies (and their teeth) over gummy snacks, candy bars, and hard candies. Follow your pediatrician's recommendations before you begin to introduce new food groups.

Effective Brushing and Flossing Habits
Brushing twice a day and flossing before bed is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We teach you how to be an active participant in your child's hygiene and oral health and believe you need to help with tooth brushing and flossing until your child is at least seven years old. As parents, we understand that this is a small price to pay for a lifetime of benefits, and we will teach your children how to incorporate these easy habits into your their daily routine. We’ll show your kids that brushing and flossing don’t have to be a nuisance by teaching them fun, educational brushing and flossing methods, as well as the importance and simplicity of the process.

Cavities – Teeth’s Worst Enemy
Cavities are no fun… for anyone. So why not teach your children now to take every measure possible to prevent cavity-causing decay.We at Smile Dental Clinic strive to help prevent your little ones from developing cavities, and we’ll do our best to coach you and your kids how to do your part as well.
For our part, we offer two traditional treatments for preventing tooth decay. Dental sealants protect teeth (typically the back teeth) from bacteria that lead to decay. These sealants are made of a thin plastic material applied to the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth to act as a barrier between the enamel and harmful plaque and food residue. Fluoride treatments help strengthen your children’s teeth, which incidentally helps prevent tooth decay. Most tap water actually contains fluoride, but the bottled water used in most family’s homes today does not.

Protect Their Pretty Smiles
We all want to guard our children from accidents and injuries, and for those of us with kids who are active in contact sports, protective gear may be way to keep us sane when our kids step out onto the basketball court or football field. Athletic mouthguards can significantly reduce the incidence of sports-related oral injury. There is even evidence indicating that athletic mouthguards can reduce the severity of concussions.

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